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VASTO 8 Seater 110cm Dining Set | Mix Grey Wicker/Grey Cushions Original price was: $1099.00.Current price is: $999.00.
protective cover VASTO 8 - cubecover8
Protective Cover for VASTO/VABO 8 Dining Set Original price was: $139.00.Current price is: $29.00.

ALMERIA 6-8 Seater 120-180cm Extending Wood Table

Original price was: $299.00.Current price is: $199.00.

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The Almeria is a modern and attractive Dining Eucalyptus Wood Table which allies sturdiness and convenience. Its stylish design combined with the natural touch of the wood makes it perfect for Aussie outdoor entertaining moments. When extended from 1.8m to 2.4m, it can hold a parasol with a diameter of 50mm or less, in the centre.


Product specifications
Warranty : 1 year
Table type : Extensive (integrated butterfly extension)
Extension : Eucalyptus
Frame : Eucalyptus
Assembly : The assembly is very easy since the user guide with instructions is provided.


Product dimensions
1x Table : W120/180xD100xH75cm


Packaging dimensions
1 carton
1/1 : 204x104x12cm (37kg)

Additional information

With its simple and elegant design, the Almeria Eucalyptus Wood Table is a timeless product that is perfectly fitting either inside or outside.

This practical Almeria table extends from 1.20m to 1.80m to accommodate even more guests. Indeed, you simply pull the ends of the table and unfold the integrated butterfly extension!

Built in sturdy and weather-resistant Eucalyptus and textilene, the Almeria extendable dining set requires little maintenance. Both materials are appropriate for outdoor use. Also, the wood is treated with a colourless, protective oil which gives it hue that is as close to natural eucalyptus as possible. The Almeria is therefore a long-term investment.


It is important to prepare your eucalyptus dining set for winter. Keep it away from moisture in a cool, ventilated place. If you protect it with a cover, choose a polyester one over a PVC one.-  Do not leave a damp sponge too long on the table top; this can make it rough to the touch.

This extendable table is coated in a colourless oil during manufacturing. The infusion of the oil varies depending on the species of wood. There may be a slight residue. Be sure to remove it with a cloth before using it for the first time. You do not need to put oil on your new extendable dining set, you can wait until the end of summer.Eucalyptus is a living material. For this reason, its appearance may change over time and some fractures may appear. This is normal and adds to the authentic charm of popular hardwood. Although sturdy and weather resistant, eucalyptus requires some maintenance to prolong its life.Remove leaves, stagnant water and dust every day. Clean stains and food residue with soapy water and a sponge. If the table is very dirty, you can use a small hard brush.In spring and late summer, thoroughly clean your dining set and let it dry. Once the woodwork is completely dry, apply a thin layer of oil. Be careful to make sure it does not rain during the 24 hours following the application of the oil. If your eucalyptus dining set set has been exposed to a lot of rain, you may notice that the surface fibres have slightly swollen and that it is rougher to the touch. To remedy this, sand lightly with fine-grained sandpaper until smooth. Once the sanding is complete, apply a layer of oil to restore the original colour. The oil layer is what protects the extendable dining set from stains and which allows it to withstand pollution, weather and mould. If you choose to age your eucalyptus furniture, without applying the oil twice a year, it will develop a beautiful silver colour. However, it will no longer be protected. Shop our full range of outdoor dining sets here!

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