A Falgos Umbrella is the way to go when it comes to sun safety! It’s no secret that Australia is considered to be the skin cancer capital of the world, with nearly two in every three Australians being diagnosed with the disease by the age of seventy. To say that this is an issue is somewhat of an understatement. We believe that such high prevalence is caused by two major contributing factors. 1. Australia’s particularly high levels of UV rays and 2. A lack of sun safety awareness. Whilst as a nation we can’t do much to influence the former, we can do everything to change the latter.

Wearing a hat, applying sunscreen and just generally staying out of the sun are just some of the ways in which Australians can remain sun safe, especially during the summer months (check out the cancer council shop that we’ve supported in the past!). However, staying inside on a hot summers day doesn’t exactly sound like the best way to spend the summer – definitely not the Australian dream. Instead of risking your skins health and susceptibility to skin cancer, let alone the damage from a sunburn, there is always an alternative. An outdoor Falgos umbrella are the perfect solution to this problem.

Falgos Umbrella
FALGOS 3x3m Cantilever Outdoor Umbrella

Enjoy the fresh outdoors on a sunny day with the comfort of being protected by a UV protected umbrella. A Falgos umbrella blocks 95% of Ultra Violet radiation and so ensures that you’re protected from the sun all year round, not a bad way to spend the summer! Added to this, these umbrellas are also water resistant and so are a perfect match for the extremely unpredictable Australian weather.

Let’s move towards a sun safe future!

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