Posted on 5 July 2017 by Alice’s Outdoor

Spring is coming soon and you need to get your rooftop ready. Here we give you some tips to have the coolest rooftop in the city.

1. Relaxing lounge area

Forget about finding the best rooftops in the city to hang out with your friends and invite them over. A couple sofas and a fancy coffee table will suit perfectly in any rooftop. Add some cute flowers and plants to make it look like a small garden in the sky. Sounds good, isn’t it?

2. Tanned girl in town

Oh My God! Spring is coming and you look like you were born in the North Pole. Get a sun lounger and let’s get up to date. Tons of sunscreen, a towel, a romantic novel and some music and you are ready to relax in your rooftop. Before summer you will look like you just came back from Bahamas. But please, don’t forget to drink some water!

3. Not that tanned!

Being tanned is nice but sadly, sun is not our bestie. Hide from the sun under one of those huge and cool gazebos that you always see in the bars. They are the perfect spot to enjoy the views of your rooftop from the shadow.

4. One mojito, please

What about having some drinks with your friends? Light up your rooftop, tonight is cocktail night and everything is ready for the party. Gin tonics, Mojitos… let’s get this party started! Maybe you can even make that new cocktail that you have been working on… Not only you will have a great night but also your friends will be willing to pay to entry this new cool rooftop they have heard about.

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