Posted on 19 January 2018 by Alice’s Outdoor

2018 has only just began and already Australia has experienced some sizzling temperatures. It becomes increasingly important to stay protected against the sun’s strong UV rays. UV radiation is a leading cause of skin cancer. An interesting fact about UV radiation is: it is not part of the visible spectrum of light, unlike sunlight it cannot be seen, nor can it be felt like the sun’s warmth. Our senses cannot detect UV, therefore overexposure damages our skin and eyes without us even knowing.

Australia is close to the equator and has many clear, blue-sky days. Moreover, the Earth’s orbit brings countries in the southern hemisphere (Australia included) closer to the sun in summertime than countries in the northern hemisphere during summer. Thus due to the geographical location of Australia the sun has an even stronger impact.

Alice’s Outdoor promotes making the most of the time you have to enjoy special moments outside with the family and loved ones. We understand how important this is especially as securing a good work-life balance can at times be difficult. As a result our products enable you to utilise your outdoor space and make the most of the time you have to spend enjoying the outdoors. This summer the souring temperatures means staying cool this summer is essential.

We offer a range of umbrellas and gazebos that offer excellent protection from the sun so you can enjoy your time outside without having to worry. For instance, our range of umbrellas include the SAINT JEAN DE LUZ 3x4m and FALGOS 3X3m Cantilever Outdoor umbrella. Water resistant and 360 degrees rotating and foldable this item also comes with a protective cover. The sleek and beautiful design of the Saint Jean De Luz adds elegance to wherever it is. However, not only does it look good, but by staying protected by the suns rays you will feel better.

Therefore, staying cool this summer is essential. Rising temperatures means that there is increased exposure to harmful UV rays. Alice’s Outdoor offers a great selection of products enabling you to make the most of your time outdoors. Among these items are umbrellas and gazebos which ensure great protection from the sun.

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