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<h3><strong>How could you enhance your garden ambiance? Are you tired of not using your outdoor space ? Do you want to expand your home’s living space?</strong> Then Alice’s Outdoor gazebos are made for you.</h3>
For those who have no idea of what we are talking about a gazebo is “<em>a small building, especially one in the garden of a house, that gives a wide view of the surrounding area</em>.” From the Spanish Style, Gazebos are the perfect ingredient to make your outdoor space feeling like you are in a Spanish typical patio space.

Thanks to our two different sizes (3x3m and 3x4m) and colours (Ecru and Grey), you will find at Alice’s Outdoor the gazebo made for you and your garden. Even if you are not a handyman don’t worry the assembly is very easy, and with our free and fast delivery service in metro you will be able to enjoy your new furniture in no time.

They are not only an attractive feature that will please your eyes, they are an expansion of your home and allow you to enjoy your garden in a new way throughout all seasons of the year. The great advantage of our gazebos is that they fit your daily needs. With their retractable canvas our gazebos offer you the opportunity to choose whether you want to perfect your summer tan or enjoy a quiet nap in the shade. There are so many varied uses, your imagination is the only limit.

If you are looking for a place to relax and rest, then do it under the shade of our gazebos. You can also decide to put in one of our dining set to have a quiet lunch or if you chose you want to enjoy the sun then no need to move the furniture you can simply use the sliding retractable shade. Our gazebos adapt themselves to your different needs throughout the day and the seasons, that is why we decided to offer you gazebos that do not have a regular roof because at Alice’s Outdoor our goal is to make your life simple and easy.

If you are still reluctant to increase your living space at such a low price, let us list some of the potential uses: it is a perfect place to host a barbecue for a pleasant moment with your friends and loved ones, or else imagine after a dip in the water you go lie down on one of our sun loungers while you sip a glass of lemonade under the shade of your newly bought gazebo while watching your kids having the time of their life with a safety-first approach on one of our trampolines

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[av_image src=’https://alicesoutdoor.com.au/wp-content/uploads/WK150KDR6BN-medium-300×152.jpg’ attachment=’4420′ attachment_size=’medium’ align=’left’ styling=” hover=” link=” target=” caption=” font_size=” appearance=” overlay_opacity=’0.4′ overlay_color=’#000000′ overlay_text_color=’#ffffff’ animation=’no-animation’ admin_preview_bg=” av_uid=’av-e6jwwu’][/av_image]
<h3>How your dining set looks like will tell your guests more about your personality, so you need to keep that in mind when getting a new dining set.</h3>
<h3><span style=”color: #99cc00;”>The Perfect Mom</span></h3>
To look like you are the perfect mom, you need to make sure that you dining set is both well organised and handy. Avoid the sharpened corners on the table so you kids can play safe around. You never know how many people are coming for dinner so pick a movable one so you can play with the chairs and the table.
<h3><span style=”color: #99cc00;”>Kate Middleton’s Style</span></h3>
If you want to be the fanciest mom in the neighbourhood make sure you pay attention to detail. Pick one that is easy to keep clean and organized but also looks elegant and chic. Get some ornaments to complete your dining set, but no too many, because you do not want it to look too ostentatious. Maybe just a small flower pot will do it.
<h3><span style=”color: #99cc00;”>Rock&amp;Roll</span></h3>
You are a mom but you want to show your neighbourhood that you can also be fun. Give your dining set a little bit of <em>Rock&amp;Roll</em>. Try different combinations; bring some of those old chairs that you have in the storage room and décor them. Pick a colourful but classy tableware. Get some unexpected ornaments: vintage decorations will perfectly suit your dining set!
<h3><span style=”color: #99cc00;”>Summer Style </span></h3>
The sun is coming and your barbecue is ready. A comfy and chic dining set is what you need in your garden. But remember, it is water guns season at home, so waterproof materials are what you are looking for in your dining set.

None of these fits you? Boost your creativity and make your own dining set. Tell us more about your personality and will help you find the best <a href=”https://alicesoutdoor.com.au/c/dining-sets-chairs/”>dining set</a> for you!

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