See our Press Release – Launch 29 July 2019

Who is Alice?

Alice’s Outdoor is a European outdoor furniture company which was founded in 2010 to deliver good products and customer service quality at the best price –

By applying this motto diligently, Alice’s Outdoor grew quickly to become one of the main players on its market. It operates in France, UK, Spain and Belgium and is now entering in the Australian market

Why Starting Alice’s Outdoor in Australia?

After a few attempts to buy outdoor furniture online or trampolines locally by one of our mate, we realised that finding the product you are after with clear description, at an affordable price and with a simple delivery fee structure is not a given. So, we decided to create Alice’s Garden Outdoor Pty Ltd to provide easy access to shared Aussie Outdoor moments at a friendly price while making the online buying experience seamless

Our Business is 100% Australian Owned

Alice’s Garden Outdoor Pty Ltd has been founded by an Australian entrepreneur in 2017. Our independence combined with the 7 years’ experience of Alice’s Outdoor in Europe enables us to offer stylish and durable outdoor equipment at a competitive price

Our People

Alice’s Outdoor is an exciting journey allowing every mate to grow its skills. We firmly believe that a happy and confident team is a good start to make our customers happy! Diversity is also one of our core values. As an international business, we can speak many languages

We Love Australian Outdoor

Going for a surf, playing golf or sharing outdoor moments with friends and family… hard to beat Australia in terms of outdoor lifestyle. How to make it even better? Invest in the right Outdoor Furniture and/or Trampoline


First article on Alice’s Outdoor in Australia with Smart Company 30 June 2017